Ten individuals give personal and sometimes moving accounts of warehouse and food factory work, and reflect on their creative lives within and beyond the workplace. This series of short arthouse documentaries is bought to you by Red 7 Productions with the University of Sussex for the Creative Interruptions project.

Directed by Jay Gearing and produced by Jay Gearing and Ben Rogaly

The films involve a diverse range of people, including both British nationals and international migrants. In revealing some of the harsh employment conditions in contemporary capitalist workplaces in these sectors, the films confirm the power inequalities inherent in them. But the films tell stories from multiple perspectives. Through positioning workers as creative actors they raise questions about the tendency to reduce people to a category such as ‘factory worker’, ‘warehouse worker’ or migrant. Further, the films locate workplace experiences within people’s wide-ranging biographies, enabling the person at the heart of each story to choose how to narrate their place within it.