Sarita Malik will be chairing this timely event on the Diversity in Television: On Screen, Off Screen and in the Boardroom at the Royal Society of Chemistry, at the Burlington House on the 19th of September 2017. The key points of the event will be on:

  • Representation of society on-screen: diversity on-screen talent, considering race, religion, disability and class
  • Behind the camera: delivering diversity in production and supporting writers, producers and directors from diverse backgrounds to develop creatively
  • Diversity and decision making: representation of minorities in senior management positions and how to accelerate the rise of executives from diverse backgrounds.

This event will provide an opportunity to discuss the practical solutions to improve representation of people from all backgrounds within the television sector – including those identifying as BAME, working class, disabled and LGBT. Delegates will examine diversity in on-screen talent, considering gender, race, religion, disability and class, as well as the potential implications of active and passive intervention (e.g. quotas, sanctioned positive discrimination and transparent benchmarking) by regulators, broadcasters or Government.

Attendees will consider ways to deliver diversity behind the camera and to what extent writers, directors and producers from minority groups are given the opportunity to develop creatively and tell the stories they want to be told.

Following Tony Hall’s admission that broadcasters favour ‘the well-connected and well-off’ discussion will focus on the representation of minorities in senior management positions within the sector, how to accelerate the rise of executives from diverse backgrounds and the progress made across the industry within the last twelve months.

Learn more about the event here.